The Greatest Reward

A week ago I was privileged to participate in the greatest reward any university faculty member can enjoy. Commencement and graduation. At IUPUI we graduates nearly 6,000 students with degrees ranging from Associate’s to PhD’s.

But the greatest reward was our School of Journalism program following the larger university program. Here we recognized each and every student graduating in May, in the summer, and from last December. And, we had the largest graduating class in the history of the school — 26 years.

I was honored to MC the program, and as I looked out at the graduates, their families and their friends, I was emotionally reminded of the reason I stay in higher education.

For many of the faces I saw before me I had known for four years or more. I had seen them grow, mature, develop their passion for their profession. I saw a room full of families and friends whose pride in their graduate was manifest on their faces and in their joy.

And I also noted that these graduates are well prepared to assume their roles in our society. Believe not the naysayers. These graduates are ready to make the world a better place — whether it’s in journalism or public relations, they are ready and much more capable that I was at their age.

And we graduated six Master in Public Relations candidates. Our second graduating class. These, too, I had not only worked closely with, but had seen develop over their two to three years with us. And I know they too are ready to lead the way to a more effective and efficient future in public relations.

Once a year we on university faculties receive confirmation of our calling. We are often rejuvenated by this simple ceremony. I’m recharged and ready for another year.

And I am also charged up about what our graduates will accomplish in the coming years. I look forward to watching their progress and their accomplishments.

And make no mistake: we WILL be watching.

BTW: This is a relaunch of an old blog that lay dormant for some months.


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