I Tweet, Therefore I Am

Microblogging is all the rage these days. Millions are tweeting their 140 characters of thought constantly. Yet why?

Of course, most are just telling you what they are doing throughout the day. On a personal level, that’s probably harmless, and perhaps even interesting for friends and family to follow each other throughout the day. Should be fairly harmless. Yet, it’s not something you should consider if you are tweeting for business purposes.

So what’s the purpose of using Twitter from a public relations perspective? Well, it could be for any number of reasons. Here are a few:

  • You are following tweets to resolve customer service complaints and issues.
  • You are advancing your brand with useful and informational posts.
  • You are providing useful information about your companies/organization’s products or services.
  • You are providing useful information about your profession.
  • You are establishing yourself as a professional.

All of these are good reasons to microblog — use Twitter or other such tools.

For myself, I Tweet to provide additional and useful information to my professional colleagues and students. It’s a simple purpose and keeps me focused on what and why I’m doing this Twitter thing. Hopefully others find utility in my Tweets. If they don’t, they unfollow. Easy. (Yes, new verb: To Unfollow)

Why to you Tweet? Do you know?


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