Memorial Day Meaning

As we all get ready for Memorial Day 2010 and all the family activities that usually involves, I ask that everyone remember the original purpose of Memorial Day.

On this day, when in Indy we conduct the Indy 500, perhaps the premiere auto race in the country, let us not forget those for whom this day is really set aside.

Memorial Day is dedicated to remembering our fallen comrades — those who have given their last measure of life to serve their country and their fellows. Veterans, police officers (and all first responders), and others are whom this day was dedicated to remembering. Let us not forget as we BBQ and enjoy the fruits of the freedoms and safety those men and women have given us.

For those in public relations and other public communications positions, I ask that you consider, this year and every year, dedicating some of your time and your effort to aiding those to whom we owe so much. Homeless veterans, those unemployed, those who continue to be troubled or handicapped by their experiences all call out to use to help.

So this year, on Memorial Day, I ask that all of you consider helping in some way using the skills, knowledge and unique abilities you have in whatever way you can.

I know I will. This year we will be looking to aiding an organization here in Indianapolis called Save Our Veterans. This organization provides shelter, training, medical and other aid, and often work for veterans. We’ll do what we can. It may be small, but if all of us provide just a little help, the collective effort will be significant. And we, together, will make a difference.

Want to help? Let me know.


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