Who Manages Social Media?

According to the latest Communication and Public Relations GAP Study (Generally Accepted Practices), conducted every other year by Strategic and Public Relations Center at the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, public relations departments at companies and corporations seem to be gaining ascendancy in controlling and managing social media for organizations. Of course, the competition is generally between marketing and public relations. (See the full report at GAP.)

While this may well be early in “the fight,” it is a good sign that organizations are understanding, correctly, that social media is more about dialogue and relationships than it is about selling. This is an excellent sign, but we must not assume it will be the final answer.

First, we are early in the game here. As everyone continues to explore social media — including customers and constituencies — the competition for control will continue as well. As our understanding of this new set of media grows, and as customers and consumers sophistication continues to increase, this dynamic might shift. So…

Moreover, social media is an ever-moving target. It is an incredibly changing arena of dialogue and communication and will only continue to morph as we move deeper into the 21st Century.

Yesterday Twitter was the rage. Now, Foursquare and geolocation enter the fray to change the relational sets yet again. And this dynamic environment will certainly continue.

Lesson? We in public relations must not only be masters of this new realm of relationship creation and maintenance, we must continue to monitor developments and be the “experts” ( if such can be said to exist) on this new arena.

It is not enough to master Facebook and blogging and Twitter to your heart’s content. How are you using FourSquare and other geolocation tools? What internal tools are you using to enhance productivity? Have you effective policies in place to guide organizational use of social media? Are you using tools to measure your ROI or relationship development?

And finally, are you keeping your eyes and ears attuned to new developments so public relations is there at the forefront of adoption?

We are, indeed, living in interesting times. And exponential times. Stay with it. Stay on top. The fight will continue!


One thought on “Who Manages Social Media?

  1. As an IT consultant I am fully aware that IT management is struggling with whether social media is productive or obstructive for companies and their employees. Software is being developed and policy and restrictions are being decided everyday by IT managers. The security of company networks are at stake but the potential for innovation using social media is a large enough carrot for the discussion of how to properly utilize the medium continues. Palo Alto networks came up with a webinar, http://bit.ly/cR80Al, that will explore the issues surrounding social media in the workplace as a follow-up to a very popular whitepaper you may have already read, http://bit.ly/d2NZRp. It is important to not only understand the immediate benefits of doing business how one lives, but the threat it presents to a company’s greater ROI and productivity when it comes to the server’s safety and security.

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