Stress Test

So a new study is out ranking the top 50 cities in the U.S. according to the stress experienced by residents. No surprise, Detroit is on top of the stress list. Closely followed by Los Angeles and Cleveland.

Many factors were compiled to create this list. I suppose one could argue (and some will) over these criteria, but they seem as valid to me as any other set of criteria: Poverty, unemployment, pollution, commute time, income, etc.

Best cities for stress include Salt Lake City (lowest homicide rate in the nation and short commute times), Virginia Beach/Norfolk and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

My home city, Indianapolis, ranks right in the middle, number 27 of the 50. Not bad. We must be doing something right. At least we are not up there with Detroit.

It also suggests that Indianapolis city leaders continue to make good decisions about our city and the quality of life it affords those of us who live and work here. Congratulations Indianapolis.

PS. Looking for the complete story and list? Visit: Portfolio


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