Is the News (Press) Release Dead? Really?

So here we go again. Yet another pundit has announced the death of the news release. Yes, NEWS release, not “press” release (pet peeve, live with it!).

So this morning Simon Dumenco on opined that the news release died this summer (ostensibly with BP and others). In the same article he suggests that the replacement is Twitter and provides examples directly from celebrity gossip Tweets.

OK, Simon. Celebrity information is NOT news. It’s gossip publicity. Again, NOT NEWS.

The News Release still has strong validity for most reputable news organizations. They want details. They want good points of contact. They want links to photos and other art.

Will they run the story, like Ivy Lee’s Penn Railroad story, verbatim? I sure hope and expect not! But is a well written and distributed news release still highly valued? Certainly.

Especially when it comes from a reputable source to a reporter or editor with whom that source has a relationship.

  • Is Twitter a source? Sure.
  • Is Facebook a source? Sure.
  • Are blogs sources? Sure.
  • Is your waiter at your favorite lunch stand a source? Sure.
  • Is the secretary at the CEO’s office a source? Sure.

The world is much more complex than this, Simon. There is room for many mechanisms, and the venerable news release remains one of the most reliable — when used right.

Twitter IS valuable. Twitter is a great complementary tool for both ends of the equation. But it’s not the only solution. Not even the best solution in most cases.

Read Simon’s thoughts at: and judge for yourself.


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