Pew Reports News Consumption Up

Well some good news finally on the media front. A new report from Pew Research finds that news consumption by Americans is back up to mid-1990’s levels. While the pattern is changing, the idea that Americans are getting more news is heartening. Of course, the devil is in the details. And the findings continue to suggest we will increasingly continue to consume news online and via mobile platforms.

Some details:

  • 34% say they “went online for news yesterday.”
  • 44% say the got news from more that one source either internet or mobile.
  • Print consumption continues to slowly erode, but television appears flat (good news?).


  • 75% of Americans report that they got news “yesterday” from one of the three traditional platforms — television, radio, print!

And while that is certainly good news, the key message in the data is that Americans are increasingly mixing their platforms to gain news and information. There is no dominant platform.

Implications for public relations? Easy. We have to be everywhere! Treat every outlet and every platform as if it was the most important. Because they all are important. Means we need to continue to focus on ALL media, not just the “new media.” Traditional platforms still have impact.

Take a look at the data:


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