To Tweet nor Not to Tweet

A recent BusinessWired (Business Wire) poll of more than 270 PR professionals asked them their favorite social media tool. In a close finish, Twitter was the leader with 33 % of respondents reporting Twitter as their top social media channel. Facebook was a close second.

It’s a clear favorite over blogging. Why? The speculation is that Twitter takes significantly less time for an equivalent timely impact. Blogging takes a significant investment in time and intellectual effort.

If this speculation is true, then the implications are troubling. Twitter is, indeed, a useful tool in many ways. And it is easier and quicker for most of use to use. Yet its very brevity of 140 characters leads to simplicity of thought and ideas.

A better mix, I would think, is extensive use of Twitter to drive traffic to more thoughtful — but perhaps fewer — posts on a blog. Yes, that requires more work and more time. But the result is increased awareness and understanding.

Both Twitter and blogging have their places. They should be used as partner tools in an overall communication strategy of engagement with key publics.

Read their report at


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