New Theme — New Tasks

Today I relaunched this blog in the (relatively) new Twenty Eleven theme for WordPress blogs. It’s clean, very readable, and a little more graphic and attractive than my old theme. It also looks to be a little more flexible than my old theme. Chose my favorite photo of the Golden Gate Bridge because in our business, building bridges to people is what it’s all about.

I’ll continue to “tweek” it as time progresses. I also added a page on my books for anyone interested.

www.bizceos.comWorking on the Bizceos blog. I serve as editor for a group of very experienced bloggers all posting to the site. Our objective is providing small and mid-sized business owners and managers with public relations, management, marketing advertising information they can use to help advance their businesses. We also post articles on social media to keep readers as up to date as possible and to look forward to developing trends.

We publish 10-12 articles each week. One of today’s articles is on Google+ and its significant initial growth and potential for future growth and use as a marketing and public relations platform. The jury’s out, of course, but…

Visit the Bizceos site and let us know how we’re doing. Suggestions always welcome.


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