Every blog should have a purpose — a goal or goals. So I have outlined my goals for this blog below. I’ll be trying to accomplish three things with this blog:

  1. First and foremost, I’m blogging to share knowledge and information about my chosen profession – -public relations — with my students, with my colleagues, and with anyone who is interested in exploring public relations. My content should reflect that objective first and and prominently.
  2. Second, I want to address issues in our industry and, on occasion, express my opinions about those issues. As a result, I would hope that this blog becomes a forum (admittedly one of many such) on these issues that allows those of us in the practice of public relations to discuss those issues. Of course, the target publics are my students and my colleagues.
  3. Finally, I hope that I can provide information about the practice of public relations that is valuable not only to my students and colleagues, but to the general public at large in the hopes that in some small way I can help more people understand just what we do in public relations.

Those are my thoughts on the goals and target participants in the conversation I hope Bob Dittmer’s Blog becomes.